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[GEAR] Numark DJ2Go2 TOUCH

Finally, it’s here! I have to admit I have been waiting for quite a while for this one to drop. Ever since I received the first DJ2Go2 nearly 2 years ago, I have yearned for the day that Numark would make one you can actually scratch on.

Don’t get me wrong the first one was great, but the Touch is even better with platters you can actually scratch on!

The DJ2Go2 Touch is a pocket sized Serato plug and play controller that is only as long as a 13 inch laptop. The unit comes with Serato Lite, however, if your like me and already use Serato DJ, there is no need to use Lite when you can just use what you always do. You can perform complex scratches by touching the top of the platter and blend smoothly by simply nudging the sides of the platter. The crossfader is impressive. It’s response time is immediate and its smooth enough to perform all your favorite scratches. The pitch control is also very smooth and very easy to use.The controller has 8 pads with four pad modes that control cue points, auto / manual looping and sample playback.

Each DJ2Go2 comes with a 2 month trial of SoundSwitch. SoundSwitch is a Digital Lighting Workstation that lets users create lighting displays that are performed in time with audio files when played back live in Serato DJ.

Overall, this unit is great for professional DJs and beginners. I use it to record my mixes and it’s a great tool for planning out sets. The price point for the DJ2Go2 is $79 

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