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DJ’s just like todays artists should find the times your posts get the most engagement.
There are plenty of articles on the internet that tell you when the best time to post to any given social media platform is. However, none of them can tell you exactly when your audience in particular is the most active. To find that out, you’ll have to run a little experiment.

Make a chart or calendar that divides each day into hours. Over the course of the next month, record what time you post on social media. Then, write in how much engagement that post received within its first hour.

At the end of the month, average together the numbers of likes and comments you got at certain times. The times that give you the highest resulting numbers are the times when your followers were the most active. Moving forward, make any posts promoting your YouTube,etc videos at these times.

Planning your social media strategy comes down to knowing when and where to post. Promote your videos where you have the most engaged audience at the times they’re most active and keep building that fanbase!

President, The Mix Syndicate

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