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[DJ GEAR] Numark Scratch Mixer

The Numark Scratch 24 Bit Two Channel mixer is a game changer!

For so long we have seen the DJ mixer market either cater to the $2,000 mixer or the very cheap, insufficient beginner gear that you cant even plug your computer directly into. Well, finally Numark has created a solid quality mixer that will not break your pocket to buy! The Numark Scratch has a price point around $500, and believe me when I say it is a solid quality mixer.

At first, I must admit I underestimated the Numark Scratch. I thought, “this will be a cool mixer for the crib to mess around with from time to time”. However, once I started to take out to a few gigs, the way I looked at the mixer changed completely. I have to say I have been using it at clubs now pretty consistently with no issues what so ever.

The mixer design is very simple and very basic and in this case less is more! The sound quality is impressive not to mention quite loud! The Innofader is solid with a contour that allows you to scratch with precision and a hamster switch to reverse the fader if you so choose. It’s soft responsive performance pads gives you the freedom to access cues, rolls, and the sampler with ease. The software FX are solid and you have six banks to choose from: Echo, Delay, Flanger, Reverb, V Echo and Phaser. The loop feature is very easy to use. All you have to do is press the encoder down and it will loop to the default parameters in your software. For all you video mixers out there it works with Serato DJ and Mix Emergency as well. I have found that the mixer sounds very clean when you mix. Both channels are very equal in sound level and EQ which makes mixing very smooth.

Overall, I highly recommend this mixer. It’s clean, easy to use, loud and affordable!

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