[NEWS] IT (2017) – Official Teaser Trailer

The remake of the classic Steven King thriller was just released. I remember the original scaring me silly….now with today’s technology, the remake is sure to make a new generation piss their pants. Check out […]


[NEWS] Soundcloud to pay DJs for mixes???

Unprecedented news from Soundcloud…per a press release posted on March 13th: “…DJs and producers who create sets, remixes and other forms of creative works will now be invited to join our SoundCloud Premier program, and earn […]


[NEWS] Ford Debuts 2018 Model Without CD Player

By Eric T. Parker On Feb. 28, Ford announced the EcoSport models—debuting in the US in 2018—will come without a CD player in lieu of streaming and subscription music compatibility. Citing Nielsen’s 2016 Mid-Year U.S. […]


[EVENT ALERT] DJ Expo 2017

The DJ Expo is COMING!!! The premier DJ event is back and it’s at a new location. Save the date for DJ Expo ’17 as it runs August 14-17 at the Atlantic City Convention Center. The […]



DJ Maniakal – www.maniakalmusic.com How long have you been DJing? It’s been an off and on process for me in the last 12 years of this journey , but when wanting to be self-sufficient and […]


What Happened to the Soundtrack?

Remember when you got hyped about a movie not just because of the trailer, but because of its soundtrack? Some of my favorite movies can be linked to the music featured in the film or […]