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So we got a surprise here in the beginning of 2020 with some new Eminem and his album “Music To Be Murdered By”. It’s been trending on Twitter, etc since release. Some are saying still “the best rapper of all time” has returned, while others are seeming to be almost done with Eminem and his recent bizarre flows, etc.

I took to the music industry and asked some independent emcee’s and upcoming artists their thoughts on the album, and one stood out.

Minnesota artist Buddy McLain had some interesting insight on the new music, especially “Darkness”. “I believe that it was smart and necessary and on time for this type of song from this type of artist with the platform that he has, that can reach millions of people and plenty of politicians. Bravo, Eminem point well received! Something has to be done, but don’t take all of our guns. We need to be able to defend ourselves against those who mean to do harm to our families and community.”

The album produced by Dr. Dre and Slim Shady himself, is breaking records to set off the new year with almost 250 million streams its first week alone. The album has a lot of variety to me, but out of all the tracks I think “Premonition” stands out the most for me with references to King Tee, LL Cool J, Chi Ali, and a sample of Busta Rhymes’ “Woo-Hah and a touch of Q-Tip on the hook and a verse from Black Thought (The Roots), it’s like a all star track made out of the early ’90’s Boom Bap I grew up on.

What’s amazing to me how this album took off so fast without small to no promotion. As a music promoter aside from being a DJ, i see the day to day of how much promotion and marketing are needed to make a album a success, this truly shows the incredible fanbase Eminem has still today throughout the world! 

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