• If you’re a Video DJ and looking to set yourself apart, Flyboost helps you step your game up by adding social media interaction to your video sets. Flyboost currently works with MixEmergency, one of the [...]

GO Fund Me for DJ Rectangle

Scott “DJ Rectangle” Kluesner - best known for his amazing mix tapes and legendary battle records is in a different kind of battle today, a battle vs Cancer.

[NEWS] IT (2017) – Official Teaser Trailer

The remake of the classic Steven King thriller was just released. I remember the original scaring me silly….now with today’s technology, the remake is sure to make a new generation piss their pants. Check out […]

[NEWS] Soundcloud to pay DJs for mixes???

Unprecedented news from Soundcloud…per a press release posted on March 13th: “…DJs and producers who create sets, remixes and other forms of creative works will now be invited to join our SoundCloud Premier program, and earn […]

[NEWS] Ford Debuts 2018 Model Without CD Player

By Eric T. Parker On Feb. 28, Ford announced the EcoSport models—debuting in the US in 2018—will come without a CD player in lieu of streaming and subscription music compatibility. Citing Nielsen’s 2016 Mid-Year U.S. […]