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[WHAT DOES IT MEAN] “Personal Jesus” – Depeche Mode

Like many songs this song’s inspiration comes from a suprizing source. Martin Gore from Depeche Mode wrote the song after reading Priscella Presley’s best selling book “Elvis and Me”. Priscella describes her relationship with Elvis as often one sided and that Elvis was her everything. Elvis was not only her man but her mentor. It has been said that everyone’s heart is like a god, which is not a very fair balance. However, there are many other possible alternative interpretations of the song as well. One is that the song is actually about televangelists and how many of them take advantage of people exploiting religion to earn a buck. The line “Reach out and touch faith” is a take on AT&T’s slogan “Reach Out And Touch Someone”. Some believe this is stating that the evangelist are inviting the viewer to pick up the phone send a donation and you will be healed. Another interpretation is that the song is about addictions. Addictions to drugs and prostitution to be exact. It seems like to me that this song has many meanings and possibly all of these definitions are correct.