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The Breaks on VH1

Recently I discovered a brand new show called “The Breaks” on VH1. As a DJ and a lover of old school hip hop I was immediately drawn in by the title.

I expected to see a show that was about hip hop and the DJing culture in the late 1970s to early 80s when the “Break Beat” reigned supreme. To my surprise the show was not about the art of Breaks on records but rather the Breaks you may or may not receive in the hip hop music industry.

The Breaks take place in the 1990s and tell the story of three friends that want to be in the hip hop industry. Each one has there own direction and focus but all share the same love and passion for real hip hop. I won’t give too much away but I will say I was very surprised by Method Man’s role on the show. I have grown so use to seeing Meth play roles in movies as the stoner or the gangsta that when I saw him in this role I was a bit taken back. Meth plays the father of one of the main characters that is the inspiring producer. Method Man’s plays a straight edge average single father that is a little bit reminiscent of Laurence Fishburne’s character in Boys In The Hood. He’s strict and determined to keep his son away from the hood and even Hip-Hop. Quite a difference for Method Man, but hey I guess we’re all getting older right?

I also noticed that there are quite a few characters that remind me of people I have met over the years. The woman executive in the show in particular reminds me of Silvia Rhone. If you don’t know who she is Google it!

Also could D Rome be Biggie?

For any more details your going to have to tune in for yourself!