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Is Soundcloud FINALLY Playing Nice to DJs?

Last year, Soundcloud burned the entire DJ community when it implemented a system that removed DJ mixes, remixes, edits, bootleg (and even original works) for violating copyrights. It was a system that was unbelievably unfair to the DJ who only used Soundcloud to promote his/her talent. No money was being made by the DJ by posting their mixes, remixes, edits, bootlegs, etc.

Many big name DJs/Producers even had their accounts DELETED for breaking this “rule”, which led to an exodus of DJs from the service.

So when the Soundcloud CEO announced back in December that DJ mixes will no longer be taken down for copyright infringement, we collectively said “yeah right”.

I reluctantly took the plunge back to Soundcloud to test their “new” system.

I must say that after a month back on Soundcloud, none of my previously removed mixes have been flagged. Does that mean we ALL should return to Soundcloud? Not in my opinion, especially if you’ve found another way to promote your mixes.

But it does appear that Soundcloud saw the errors in their ways.

Only time will tell….