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[OPINION] Is The DJ World Over Saturated?

Fellow DJ’s, do you think that our craft is exploited too much? I do.

If you haven’t heard there is a movie about DJing coming out this year. The movie is called “We Are Your Friends” and it starts Zach Efron and that hot chick from the “Blurred Lines” video Emily Ratajkowski. The film is about an up and coming EDM DJ being mentored by a more seasoned DJ. A love triangle brews and blah, blah, blah. Only Pioneer equipment is planted throughout the entire film. I wonder if there is even one turntable in the movie? I bet Zach Efron will start deejaying now too for ridiculous amounts of money.

Speaking of actors DJing, actor RJ Mitte best known for playing “Walt Jr” on my favorite TV show “Breaking Bad” is now a DJ. Who is next?!

When I started spinning back in the late ’80s you became a DJ because you fell in love with the craft. Back then you didn’t start with top of the line equipment. Getting Technic 1200s was like getting a brand new car! My first mixer was a Radio Shack mixer with no crossfader! If you were like me you would starve and save all your lunch money to go buy records. (Maybe thats why I was so damn skinny).  Laptops hadn’t even been thought of yet. So why werent there artists and actors and postmen and grandmas and your neighbor,etc. lining up to DJ then?

Don’t get me wrong I support anyone that DJs because they love it. Maybe some of these people really love it, but, at least touch the mixer now and then ……Paris, not just have a guy hiding behind the booth turning nobs for you.

President, The Mix Syndicate

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