2016 sucked SO bad!!!

Most of last year a lot of talk was going around the net, around water coolers and at the dinner table that 2016 was a horrible year.

I am sure I don’t have to remind anyone how many greats we lost. Or that There was terrorism at home and abroad not to mention senseless violence throughout the country. For me personally what really made last year a year to forget was how it has personally impacted our organization.

In 2016, we had quite a few members that were seriously ill, or had lost loved ones. Several marriages and relationships ended and many lost their jobs and or lively hood. I have seen many other friends and family go through these struggles as well. Obviously, just because the ball dropped and the calendar reset it doesn’t mean that the damage is not still here in 2017. However, the promising thing is many people are optimistic that things will improve. I can’t help but wonder why did so many bad things happen last year? In fact I am having a very hard time recalling anything great that happen last year to our society at all. Perhaps, last year was not just a bad year but a wake up call that life can change in the drop of a hat. Maybe it’s a chance for us to revaluate our lives and thank god for the things we do have.

Whatever the case I am sure I speak for many when I say, f*ck you 2016!

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