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[OPINION] Not a good time to be a DJ

With the recent surge of the Covid-19 virus, DJs are finding themselves out of work.

Bars, nightclubs, festivals and concert venues across the world are closed. It seems like overnight we’re all now bedroom DJs now and DJs all over the world have been mixing online to keep the party going!

D-Nice had over 100,000 people join his Instagram feed including A-list celebrities like Oprah and former president Barack Obama. As cool as all of that is, it’s not paying our bills.

Many of us are very scared and uncertain what the future holds. Countless DJ’s bread and butter is spinning. I mean this is how we feed our families! I’m afraid that many venues will not survive this time, and when this is all over many will close and lots of DJs will still be unemployed.

Now if you’re not a DJ and your reading this saying “it’s not only the DJs in this predicament”, I know and I get it. However, many people that are currently not working are able to continue to get paid or able to collect unemployment. Since we are usually an independently contracted employee, we’re sh*t out of luck.

On a side note, I do understand it was necessary to take these measures to help slow down the spread of the virus. However, that doesn’t change how frustrating of a time this is for all of us. I wonder if many DJs are going to have to find another job in the meantime to keep the lights on.

Don’t be surprised if you see your favorite DJ working at the grocery store or delivering the package you ordered from Amazon last week. Another thing that concerns me about our community (after this pandemic has subsided) will the venues pay even less and will the DJs allow them selves to be undercut even more then before? 

President, The Mix Syndicate

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