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[GEAR REVIEW] Rane Twelve | Rane 72

The Rane Seventy Two and Rane Twelve is a game changer!

Finally someone has invented a controller that really feels and operates like a turntable. The Twelve is basically a turntable that doesn’t have a tone arm. No question that I am a turntable purist. However, the Twelve has done what I didn’t think a controller could ever do, convince me to use it! With no tone arm but torque like a traditional turntable, the Twelve is amazing to cut on without the fear of skipping or breaking needles. I think with the recent announcement from Shure that they will no longer make needles it couldn’t come at a better time. With the 8/16/50% pitch feature, DJs can mash-up and transition with records outside of the normal BPM spectrum of a traditional turntable. The Twelve dosent use RCA cables like a traditional turntable but rather transfers all information digitally via USB that plugs in the back of the Seventy Two Mixer. Though the Rane Twelve is at it’s best when plugged in the back of The Rane Seventy Two it can be used with any mixer as long as the USB is plugged into your computer.

The Rane Seventy Two is a beast! The versatility of this two-channel Serato DJ Pro mixer is absolutely phenomenal! The mixer allows you to stack effects and gives you the option of triggering them via the toggle switch or by moving your finger across the display (kinda like a chaos pad). The 3x Mag Three Fader is butter! I’ve personally have always preferred the Rane fader over any other mixer and this one does not disappoint. You can adjust the contour of it on the outside like virtually every other mixer on the market and the tension is adjustable by simply opening up the front of the mixer with a screw driver. Another really cool thing the Seventy Two can do is being able to change what the 16 velocity sensitive pads (just like the Akai MPC) can trigger. Since the mixer comes with a free Serato Pitch-N-Time license you can even “Pitch Play” notes with the pads. I especially like how precise and easy to use the auto loop feature is. Each pad represents how many beats the pad will hold in a loop. It allows you to manipulate words and create builds by simply pressing the pads on beat. Like the Rane Sixty Two, the Seventy Two has two USB ports allowing users to switch laptops simply by turning a nob. It also includes a nob on each channel that filters out the sound making transitions sound really smooth. This mixer even allows you to filter and echo your samples. The Rane Seventy Two mixer is very well put together and very sturdy. It’s a great tool for the club, mobiles and battles! The sound card is powerful! The mixer sounds very clean and loud enough to power a very large room. I highly recommend the whole setup.

Rane Twelve retails around $799

Rane Seventy Two retails around $1,899

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