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[GEAR REVIEW] DAS Audio Altea 712 A

I recently had the opportunity to use the DAS Audio Altea 712 A.

This multifunctional 12 inch powered speaker has it all! Diversity, functionality, dynamic sound and even wireless capabilities. I especially like the easy to use digital display D.A.S. control that allows the user to scroll through several different pre-sets and pick the best one for the job. You can set it to live, vocals, bass boost, dance or monitor,  etc… or just adjust the EQ with a stackable 3 band EQ. The sound is incredible on this speaker. I have used many different speakers in my time and I must say that this was the most impressive 12 inch powered speaker I have ever used.

I am very happy that D.A.S. Audio is making products that DJs can use.

I highly recommend this speaker and I look forward to seeing what D.A.S. has for us next.

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