Flyboost…a no-brainer add-on for VDJs

Flyboost helps you step your VDJ game up by adding social media interaction to your video sets.

If you’re a Video DJ and looking to set yourself apart, Flyboost helps you step your game up by adding social media interaction to your video sets.

Flyboost currently works with MixEmergency, one of the most powerful media players in the world.

Their user interface allows you to enter your own custom hashtag to track. Immediately, Flyboost begins scanning Twitter and Instagram for that hashtag.

Whenever content is located, their web-based software grabs it as a “boost,” which is then displayed through MixEmergency via a Quartz file (.qtz).

Some of the features and benefits of using Flyboost include: (1) Robust front-end content filter that blocks profanity and inappropriate language; (2) Variety of modes to ensure you always have complete control over what content is displayed; (3) Easy to use interface where you can reply to Tweets, follow Instagram users, etc; (4) Access our user interface to manage social content from any browser, tablet, or mobile device.

The Mix Syndicate is proud to be an official supporter of Flyboost (#TeamFlyBoost) as several of their VDJs use it during their video sets every week.

To learn more about Flyboost and/or sign up for a 7 day FREE trial, go visit them at

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