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How long have you been DJing?

It’s been an off and on process for me in the last 12 years of this journey , but when wanting to be self-sufficient and establishing myself in the music and entertainment business, I decided to become well rounded and established myself as an entrepreneur. I went from running an international DJ coalition very similar to The Mix Syndicate, High School Tour’s to break artist from an Independent level to get them to major’s, To managing a group, Radio, Running a Mega Night Club and then owning my own to here I am living out the reason I started in this business. The DJ / Producer !!

Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from The Eastbay of Northern, CA, were I grew up in smaller city’s known as : Newark / Hayward . The best way for those who aren’t from Cali to understand were that is at, Let’s just say going towards Oakland, CA .

Where do you live now?

I am now residing in Campbell, CA and also Las Vegas, Nevada were I have been working on my residency during the summer @ Tao Beach Club, Las Vegas .

What sets you apart from other DJs?

What sets me apart from other DJs the most I would say is my MC / Mic Skills. Knowing when to talk to the crowd and have a room of 20 or a concert of 10,000 ALL with their hand’s in the air when you demand them to do so, but building up to a huge drop or dropping a record that continues to have them vibin’ non stop . The level of creativity is a never ending process, How can I take an acapella and cut over a beat to then drop the acapella but then drop another beat?! Or take 2 record’s and create word play or concepts with them. I humbly am Great friend’s with J. Espinosa (USA Redbull 3 Style Champion) and was his roommate for 4 years when we were younger, so I’ve taken a lot of his techniques and found a way to make them my own.

What is your favorite type of music to play?

I’m more of an Open Format DJ therefore I really enjoy all music and can play anything pretty well…but If I had to choose I’d say the energy of an EDM crowd is pretty intense. I just appreciate all genres of music.

How has DJing changed since you began?

Tremendously!!! I mean I came up in the era of vinyl (12 Inch Records) where DJs were literally loading up 4 or 5 crates of records and taking dollies upstairs, etc. I feel like the level of talent is on the decline because Laptops, Serato, etc. has made it very easy for DJs to become lazy and not work as hard, nor move as quick to change out a record, etc. I think our generation of DJs will benefit off it…as not many will learn how to be as creative or if there, then it’s gonna have to be with the digital tools and effect’s of todays products. Probably most important…the individual’s Hustle and Grind lacks and people feel they’re owed something without putting in legit hard work and paying their dues.

What else do you like to do besides DJ?

Man!!! The Industry consumed me for so so so many years…I was just starting to be a normal person and now I’m back to just working on this craft and going harder then ever in this Industry. A few things I do on my down time….I’m huge into Football, ( WE DEM BOYZ 🙂 ) and Fantasy Football. Sports in general….I bowl competitively and was playing for Travel Flag Football and Softball teams. I’ve always been an Athlete. I’m a free spirit….very positive and pretty much down for almost anything 🙂

What is your favorite restaurant?

Hard to say on my favorite restaurant as I’ve been kind of open to trying lots of different styles and ethnic types of foods. I’d say right now I’m on my super sushi hype and I’m loving it . Trying to eat healthier / be healthier all around. It’s a work in progress but it’s starting to happen.

What is the thing you enjoy the most about your city?

Well the Bay Area, CA, I’d have to say our “Diversity”. There is so many different types of people from different walks of life and for the most part, everyone is accepting of each other. Oooh yeah our “Weather”…LOL. One of the most beautiful places to live. As far as immediate cities that I live in, I like “Newark” since its a smaller city…they really really embrace their local celeb’s . When I go to my town to Dj the Only Bar / Lounge in town the whole city comes out and support’s and I am blessed to have that type of love and support .

What is your favorite movie?

That’s a tough one, For the longest I didn’t watch many movies so I’m not really sure but I LOVE COMEDY Movies!!!

Where do you see your self 10 years from now?

It’s all in God’s hands, but I’d like to think traveling the world as a DJ and if not that then One of my A. B. C. or D. Back up plans…Buying property, making smart Investment’s with a Bad One or two females on my side …LMAO. I just wanna be Happy and enjoy life . I’ve never been married and have No kid’s . I’m convinced God has a Bigger and better plan for me . We shall see!!!