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[FEATURED DJ] DJ Gregory Thomas

What made you start DJing?

I actually had a house party when I was performing in Hershey Pennsylvania in 2011 and they asked me to play some music and I saw how I could move the crowd with each song and I decided to invest in equipment and learn how to take it to the next level. I think i’m more attracted to connecting with the crowd and being the people’s favorite DJ than being a DJ’s favorite DJ. 

Who influenced you to DJ? 

As far as famous DJs I believe DJ Z-Trip was the first DJ I saw in concert and I really was an immediate fan and It sparked my interest in DJ culture. I was in Las Vegas doing America’s Got Talent Live at Planet Hollywood and we had VIP tickets to go see Z-Trip at Rio. The experience really blew my mind. The club was visually amazing and he brought out 2 Live Crew. That was it for me. 

How did you learn to DJ?

When I was already on my DJ learning path. I met a DJ named DJ Tone at a club and I had told him I was learning how to be a DJ but I wasn’t ready yet. He then put me on the turntables at about midnight at his club to test to see what I was made of on the spot. We ended up finding out we lived down the street from each other and he began teaching me he had the biggest influence on my style and ability to read crowds and switch up genres.  He taught me how to Dj on Technics and CDJs and to not get to comfortable with just one set of equipment. I didn’t realize how valuable that lesson was until later on in my career. 

How long have you been DJing? 

I have been DJing professionally since 2014 I’ve been learning since 2012. I think there is a big difference from when I was messing around in my room until when I began to take it seriously as a profession.

What format do you play and what’s your favorite?

I honestly like to be able to say I am a true open-format DJ. I love being able to switch things up and play tracks completely off the wall and unexpected for the audience. I was a hip-hop dancer before I was a DJ so I honestly love playing music I can dance to and I just assume you’d want to dance to it as well because I have amazing tastes. My father exposed me to so many different genres of music at a young age. I honestly can kill it in any situation. Recently I opened for a Tom Petty cover band in Dallas then turned around and killed the club playing trap music the rest of the night right after. 

How would you best describe your style? 

I don’t really know if I can describe my style. I honestly just like to play music to get a response from the audience. I feel that if the crowd isn’t singing the words I’m not doing my job.  I try to create a vibe and instead just playing popular music together. I was a professional hip hop dancer before I was a DJ and I do my best to play the music that would make me dance all night.  My favorite music edits are twerk uptempo music.  I have never pre planned a set in my life I honestly pick 1 song based on the people in the club and go from there. Even when i headline, I feel i get more enjoyment and excitement from winging it. I also feel like the crowd can feed off my excitement. 

What else do you enjoy doing? 

I have been spending a lot of time working on my brand “Tour Beast” clothing line. I started my professional career as a graphic designer and programmer. I love designing clothes. Also, I still enjoy acrobatic slam dunking. I spent a few years with the San Antonio Spurs dunk team and 10+ years with ACRODUNK where we did Americas Got Talent Top 20 in Season 4 and earned 3 Guinness World Records.  

What’s your favorite song?

That’s a loaded question. I can honestly say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE swag surf. I don’t know what it is about that song. it just brings my energy up in any environment. It might be the Texas in me that loves Texas music. I am from San Antonio I went to school in Dallas and I lived in Houston a few years. 

What’s your favorite TV show? 

I literally watch every TV show on TV. currently, I’m watching the Mandalorian, Watchmen, all of the CW DC shows, Rick and Morty, and The Good Place.

Favorite movie? 

Probably Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully i’m still traveling the world performing but on a bigger stage. I also hope i own a business that doesn’t require me to physically be at work to earn money. I would like to have things in place so i can spend more time exploring and enjoying my life rather than burying myself in work.

What advice would you give up and coming DJs? 

Learn about business and taxes. Being a DJ earning money per gig is great but earning an income and being able to provide for yourself and family for the days you aren’t working are more important. Also, check your ego. Having great business relationships will get you further than proving you are better than everyone in a social media fight. There’s enough work out here for everyone to eat with out tearing people down. 

Who would you like to shout out?

First I’d like to shout out my brand. @TourBeast on IG. join the #Tourbeast movement. My boy @DJTone_180 I wouldn’t have had the opportunities i’ve had so far without his help in the beginning. The Radio DJs, The Harlem Globetrotters, and The Mix Syndicate 

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