Mixing in and out of a song in the right place (a.k.a. Transitions)

A mistake that some DJ’s make is to mix in a song in the middle of the main lyrics rather then the hook. When you mix the song in the wrong place it does two things. One, it cuts off important parts of the song and throws off the listener. Two, it doesn’t create a smooth transition from song to song making it noticeable to even someone that is not a dj (a.k.a. your crowd/audience).

As important as it is to come in on the track in the right place, it is equally important to mix out on the other track in the right place as well. That’s why it is very important to know your records and know how to count bars. All music consists of bars and most hooks are 4,8 or even 16 bars long. Know how long your hooks are so you can get in and out of the hook smoothly without cutting any words off. A smooth transition leads to a consistent floor or preventing from turning the radio dial.