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DJ Name: Digumsmak

Location: New Mexico

How long have you been spinning: 19 Years

What inspired you to DJ: I was always a lover and collector of music. I grew up in The MTV generation when music videos were actually showcased and featured! I was a fan of all music styles, but one day I was introduced to the Hip-Hop group De La Soul and from that point I was a Hip-Hop fan for life! Now with this new found love of Hip-Hop, I took interest and a deep curiosity to what made Hip-Hop so great!! I recognized that the DJ was the one who kept the music going…and without that key element their wouldn’t be Hip-Hop. It wasn’t until some years later that I took notice to a local DJ (Slomotion) and how he seamlessly blended 2 records together. It was at that point I knew that this was for me.

What genre is your favorite to mix: Nowadays I just love to mix anything and everything! Kinda getting burnt out on MOOMBATON. But if I had to choose, it would be BOOM BAP!!

Favorite song to mix: Even though it’s not Boom Bap, I still love to mix Lil’ Jon’s “BIA BIA” and Dead Prez’s “BIGGER THAN HIP-HOP” together. It always gets a good reaction and the lows are crazy!!

Where would you like to be in 5 yrs: Hopefully still DJ’ing and maybe moved out of New Mexico with my family!

What is your favorite hobby: Skateboarding

What is your favorite movie: I love classic movies, so I gotta go with THE JERK with Steve Martin.

What is your favorite tv show: Rarely watch TV…but usually Sundays I have a free moment and watch KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS.

What advice would you give to a new young DJ: Just remember why you started doing this. Be patient..your time will come!!

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