How long have u been spinning? 21 years been deejaying nightclubs, overall DJing since 16 yrs old What inspired u to dj ? My father used to work with Madonna’s Dj/producer Jellybean and Tony Carrasco and Grandmaster Flash whom I was honored to work with and also Dj Jazzy Jeff and the one and only…

Hotel California – The Eagles

“Hotel California” by The Eagles Many people think that the song is about a haunted hotel or maybe someone hallucinating on illegal drugs. Come to find out that the song has a completely different meaning altogether. “It’s basically a song about the dark underbelly of the American dream and about excess in America, which is…


Mixing in and out of a song in the right place (a.k.a. Transitions) A mistake that some DJ’s make is to mix in a song in the middle of the main lyrics rather then the hook. When you mix the song in the wrong place it does two things. One, it cuts off important parts…

ARTIST PROFILE – Antonio Breez

Antonio Breez is a Boston MC that has been making noise the last couple of years. His new album The Migration Narrative is Antonio Breez’s sophomore independent studio album, following last years release, “The Convocation of Antonio Breez”. What makes this album unique is that each of the 16 records are composed of Antonio’s DNA,…

DJ Ease wins USA Red Bull 3Style

Our very own DJ EASE was recently crowned the winner of the Red Bull 3Style U.S. Finals on November 28th in Washington, D.C. EASE competed against Boi Jeanius, DJ Frazier Davis, Bo, DJ FingerSmith, DJ Diggy Dutch. Check out his winning set below.

DJ Sandman featured in Creative Loafing Magazine

Our very own DJ Sandman was recently featured in Tampa’s Creative Loafing Magazine about his love for Hip-Hop and Tampa, Florida. It’s a great read and really highlights his humble beginnings and his contributions to the Bay Area. Read the full article here.


DJ Maniakal – How long have you been DJing? It’s been an off and on process for me in the last 12 years of this journey , but when wanting to be self-sufficient and establishing myself in the music and entertainment business, I decided to become well rounded and established myself as an entrepreneur….