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ARTIST PROFILE – Antonio Breez

Antonio Breez is a Boston MC that has been making noise the last couple of years. His new album The Migration Narrative is Antonio Breez’s sophomore independent studio album, following last years release, “The Convocation of Antonio Breez”.

What makes this album unique is that each of the 16 records are composed of Antonio’s DNA, this is truly an authentic album. The Migration Narrative tells the story of Antonio’s mothers journey, bringing him into this world at just 17 years old in the ghetto of Brooklyn, NY, his biological father’s absence due to incarceration, the love given to him by his step-father who taught him the art of emcee, experiences living in the suburbs, and where he is now.

What is also special is how with the help of producer Sean “Synthsei” Alexander, Antonio samples his musical ancestry. In songs like “Pelican Wings”, he samples Aurelio Martinez; his great uncle who is a world famous Garifuna singer signed by Rolex watch as an artist.

On “Last Time I Prayed” he samples his 85 year old great grandmother praying with him, while the album is narrated by his mother; and includes a verse from his father on the outro.

The main single out now “I Had Fun” is below, check it out.

“I Had Fun” Music Video